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Welcome to Tarot Circle Social Networking

Tarot Circle Members

I started Tarot Circle in 2000 in Central Village, Connecticut.  My goal was to create a fellowship of tarot enthusiasts to share wisdom, knowledge, readings and fun.

Tarot Circle meetings tend to be informal tarot workshops.  Sometimes we work together on a project, like making collage tarot cards.  Other times we study a specific topic, like Feng Shui.  Sometimes we share readings and food.

Tarot Circle has met in peoples’ homes, shops and offices.  We have met in conference rooms, a church, a naturist resort, and online. 

Tarot Circle meetings are open to everyone with an interest in tarot, from brand-new beginners to experienced professionals.  At Tarot Circle, everyone learns and grows.  We practice the tradition of “each one teach one.”

Over the years, Tarot Circle has produced many special events, including the Pocono Tarot Picnic, the Connecticut Tarot Picnic, the Tarot Costume Potluck in Plainfield, CT, “Soup and Psychics,” a fundraiser for the American Legion in the Poconos, “Skill Share” in West Palm Beach, and of course, our annual Holiday Open House.

At Holiday Open House 2011 in West Palm Beach we had more than twenty readers and healers volunteer their skills.  Together, we raised 600 pounds of food for Feeding South Florida.

Tarot Circle is dedicated to fellowship, education and community service.

Tarot Circle meets in many cities and towns.  Global Tarot Circle is available online worldwide.

On this website you will find a growing number of photos from Tarot Circle events, class materials for tarot study, creative tarot projects, ideas for tarot study groups and Tarot Circle meetings, and a schedule of Tarot Circle events.

Your photos, memorabilia, creative tarot projects and upcoming event listings are welcome here!

Global Tarot Circle met on November 4th. We each pulled a card at random to act as a significator for the moment. That is, a card describing who we are at this moment. We each used our significator card to introduce ourselves to the group.

Our October Global Tarot Circle webinar meeting was held on Tuesday, October 15th. We had a fabulous turnout, with people logging in from all over the world.

We shared readings and tarot information with each other, giving each person an opportunity to ask any “burning questions.”

Our topic, in honor of the Thinning of the Veil, was using tarot to communicate with those in spirit. We each shared techniques for this process, and each pulled cards to receive wisdom and information from our loved ones, ancestors, guides, angels and guardians.

Global Tarot Circle met Thursday, September 12. We has a nice group of people from all over North America, including Canada, Connecticut and Florida. As usual we started with introductions and “burning questions.” A burning question can be a question about tarot or tarot reading, or a personal question that can be answered with a tarot reading. We answered a few questions about tarot reading and quite organically started what will probably become a new tradition for Global Tarot Circle.

July Global Tarot Circle Recap

Global Tarot Circle met July 23. We had people from all over the country join us on-line for an hour of tarot exploration.

Some who joined us were tarot professionals, others were hobbyists and others were just beginning their tarot journey.

As usual, we started with questions. Questions can be about tarot, or the kinds of questions about your own life that you might ask a room full of tarot readers.

Webex is a convenient platform for on-line Tarot Circle because of its versatility. Some people call in on the telephone, others log in on computers, tablets and smartphones. Some people use their mics and cams, others simply listen to the presentation and chat in the chat room.

This versatility is especially important when we share readings with each other, as we do every month. We are able to have attendees read for each other verbally. We are also able to do one-on-one readings, group readings and discussions in the chat room.

Global Tarot Circle meets once a month on Webex.  There is no charge to participate. It’s an opportunity for anyone with an interest in tarot to meet other tarotists, share readings and learn something new about tarot.

Our May Global Tarot Circle met on Tuesday, May 28. As usual, we started our meeting by answering questions about tarot and giving each other quick readings.

Global Tarot Circle meets once a month online. In April we met on Monday the 8th. We had folks from all over the United States, including Florida, Maine, Kentucky, Connecticut and California. As usual, some of our participants were professional readers, others were tarot beginners and others were somewhere in-between.

One of the goals of Tarot Circle is to gather tarot enthusiasts of all levels of experience together for the purpose of learning from each other.

This Month Global Tarot Circle met on March 18, right between St. Patrick's Day and the Vernal Equinox.

We started our meeting by reading for each other. We are getting really good at "group consensus readings," where we each pull a few cards and put them all together to tell the story.

In honor of St. Patrick's Day we had a discussion about fate, destiny, luck and karma. We talked about specific tarot cards that indicate those energies in a reading (Wheel of Fortune, Justice, and Judgment, for example).

February Global Tarot Circle Recap

We had a great group for our February Global Tarot Circle, ranging from brand new readers to professionals. In honor of Valentine's Day our topic was Love and Tarot.


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